Allegories 2016 | Drawings

In Akram Fadl’s figurative drawings we see the knowledge of an anatomist and the rigorous hand and eye of a skilled draughtsman. He has mastered these elements sufficiently that he is able to convey the figure to us as he sees it – poised and full of energy, coiled and ready to spring – a sensual figure, luscious and full of life.

In his paintings Fadl builds upon this outlook, layering a conceptual framework over the facts of his figures. At times he seems to represent the figures in tension with their social or political surroundings; at other times they appear to plunge into the abyss of an internal landscape. At his best, Fadl marries figure and ground to produce an apparently necessary image, an image in which every part is in its right place, expressing a logic so intense as to have a magical aura about it.

Daniel Maidman
Artist / Art Curator / Writer

29715 | 23x22cm | Graphite and conte on paper