Akram Fadl

  • Visual Artist
  • Cairo, EG

Akram Fadl is a Cairo based Visual Artist , who has been active in Egypt’s art scene since 2001.
His work embodies a personal history filled with different experiences and discoveries over 13 years. Fadl is influenced by music, beauty, spiritual elements and surroundings in his work. Using diverse techniques in oil paints, Fadl is always in a pursuit to capture complex human feelings and notions in his paintings. His recent works are aimed more towards people painted in a mannerist style inspired by the old masters, expressing new identities through representational art qualities in realism.


The figure in motion Solo

Dacia Gallery Dacia Gallery 53 Stanton St. New York, NY 10002, USA

Allegories Solo

Nile Art Gallery Cairo, Egypt

The story of the creative Group

SEE | Exhibition space New York

Pulse II Group

Tache Art Gallery Cairo, Egypt

General Exhibition Group

Palace of Arts Giza, EG

4th Plastic Arts Festival Group

Mahmoud Mokhtar Cairo, Egypt

Pulse I Group

Tache Art Gallery Cairo, Egypt